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PRC Cornish Unit Repairs 2019

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P.R.C Cornish Unit Repairs 2016

2016 saw another busy year for J.C. Mitchell builders with P.R.C Cornish unit repairs completed across Cornwall and Devon. Below are two of out more recent repairs, one from Cornwall and the other Plymouth. Both customers now have fully repaired and mortgagable homes. We hope to get more detailed posts from last year up soon as well as news on our 2017 PRC Cornish Unit repairs.

If you own a Cornish Unit  or are thinking of buying one and have any questions about repairs we would be happy to discuss with you. Our details are on the contact page.

P.R.C House before repair

P.R.C House before repair

Picture of Concrete panels removed during P.R.C. Repair

Concrete panels removed during P.R.C. Repair

Picture of brick repair to Cornish Unit

Front wall P.R.C. Cornish Unit repair completed

picture of repair to side wall of house

P.R.C Repair nearing completion with brick side wall being built

The following Cornish unit was  two story P.R.C. repair in Plymouth

picture of cornish unit

Cornish Unit House before work has started

picture of house repair with 1st floor walls removed

P.R.C repair to the 1st floor

house repair completed

P.R.C repair completed. Just waiting for the 1st floor to be plastered and painted.

picture of finsihed house repair

Finished PRC Cornish unit repair, just waiting for the scaffolding to come down.

Completed P.R.C cornish unit repair

Completed P.R.C cornish unit repair