A “New Traditional System” The PRC Cornish Unit

When looking at modern housing developments its hard to imagine that the humble PRC Cornish Unit was once a sought after dwelling. And yet these houses have been providing happy homes to families since the 1940’s and  decades on still have plenty to offer for generations to come.

The post war demand for housing was met by the Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete (PRC) house and bungalow. These were built in towns and city’s across England from the 1940’s onwards and were often named after the companies that built them such as Cornish Unit, Airey and Unity. Using building techniques that were quick and easily replicated they were soon a common sight across the nation.

The most common type of PRC house in Cornwall and Devon is the Cornish Unit. These PRC houses are known for their distinctive Mansard tiled roofs that cover the 1st floor of the dwelling  and concrete panelled outer walls that sit inside the PRC frame. While PRC Cornish Units may not have the ascetic  appeal of a more modern design they often boast generous room sizes and large front and back gardens, something newer developments often lack

PRC properties were only ever intended to be a stop gap measure and in 1980’s, after a review into the structural conditions of the PRC, the Cornish unit and other types of PRC house were classed as ‘defective’ under the housing act of 1985. It was found the steel in the PRC frame that the concrete panels sit in was, in some cases, subject to corrosion. This could lead to the cracking and weakening of the concrete supporting the house. At this point PRC houses were no longer considered for mortgages and in their original condition are still available only to cash buyers.

J.C. Mitchell Builders specialize in the repair of PRC Cornish Units and other types of PRC houses. We offer a complete service, from helping with the initial mortgage application (if required) to handing over the PRC certificate once the repair has been completed. All repair work is completed under license and is subject to inspection from the Local Authority Building control and PRC engineers.

If you have any questions regarding the repair of a PRC type property or would like a quote please contact us on 01872 279108. We have completed repairs to over 170 PRC properties across the South West and guarantee a friendly and professional service every time.

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