This was a PRC  Cornish Unit Repair undertaken by J.C. Mitchell Builders in June 2015. The PRC property in Fraddon was a large 4 bedroom Cornish Unit with a modern extension attached to the side of the property.

Picture of Cornish Unit

PRC Cornish Unit before repair

The rear of the property is supported with temporary accro props while the old concrete slabs and PRC supports are removed. The internal walls are build in block while the outer skin is brick. The property is securely boarded up during this phase of the PRC repair.

Rebuild of house wall

Rebuild of rear wall

With the brickwork nearly finished and the insulation in place the windows and doors can be refitted.

rebuilt brick work on PRC house

PRC Cornish Unit Repair – Brick work nearly completed

The windows and door are fitted to secure the rear of the property.

PRC Cornish Unit house with window and door

PRC Cornish Unit repair – Rear window and door fitted

With the rear completed, the accro props are moved around the front of the building to stabilize the property while the the PRC and concrete slabs are removed and the walls rebuilt in the same manner as the rear. The existing extension on the right of the property added an additional difficulty to the repair but we were able to rebuild the side with out falling behind schedule.

Picture of PRC repair at brick stage

PRC Cornish Unit Repair – Front propped and bricked

After 4 weeks, which included re boarding and skimming the downstairs ceilings , the work is completed and the PRC repair signed off. The PRC certificate is then released to the homeowner.

Cornish unit house

Repaired Cornish Unit by J.C. Mitchell Builders