J.C. Mitchell Builders Ltd are a family run business who specialize in the repair of PRC Cornish Unit and PRC woolaway type properties in Cornwall and Devon. We have been a licensed PRC repairer for many years and have repaired and made mortgageable over 170 PRC Cornish Unit properties across the South West. Whether you already own a PRC Cornish Unit or are considering buying, we can cover all your PRC repair needs, including mortgage applications and the issue of the final PRC certificate.

PRC Cornish Unit type properties were built after the 2nd World War to make up for a shortfall in housing. They were originally intended as a temporary measure but 60 years on they are still a common site around Cornwall and Devon.

Picture of Cornish Unit

PRC Cornish Unit before repair

Due to the original design and materials used PRC Cornish Unit properties are classed as defective under the Housing Act 1985 due to deterioration of the concrete panels. In their original condition they can not be purchased with a mortgage and are accessible only to cash buyers.

Cornish Unit PRC repair

This is an example of the steel degradation within the concrete 

A typical PRC Cornish Unit repair involves the removal of the existing pre-fabricated concrete walls which are then rebuilt in block and brick, insulated and fitted with new windows and doors where required. All work undertaken on the property is carried out to current PRC & building control regulations. We aim to complete a PRC  Cornish Unit repair within 4 – 6 weeks and it is possible to remain in your home while the work is undertaken.

Cornish unit house

Repaired PRC Cornish Unit by J.C. Mitchell Builders

Many PRC Cornish Unit properties are rented from the local housing authority and this can be an excellent way for people to own their own home through the governments ‘Right to Buy’ scheme (subject to status). The ‘Right to Buy’ scheme allows Council tenants to purchase their property at a substantial discount if they have been tenants for at least 3 years (it doesn’t have to be 3 years in a row).

You may also be able to purchase your home if it used to be owned by the council, but they sold it to another landlord (like a housing association) while you were living in it.  This is called ‘Preserved Right to Buy’.

With the current low interest rates and substantial tenant discounts now is an excellent time to consider buying your house. In order to get a mortgage the property will requires a PRC repair which J.C. Mitchell Builder Ltd have nearly two decades experience undertaking.

J.C. Mitchell builders can help with:

  • Your ‘Right to Buy’ Application.
  • Mortgage Application.
  • Recommend solicitors to assist with your purchase.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • The repairs are carried out to PRC and Building Control Standards.
  • Your home will be mortgageable when repaired.
  • There are no lump sums to pay out (if undertaking the repair under an agreed mortgage).
  • Your home will be worth more than you paid for it.

Whether you already own a PRC Cornish Unit or are considering purchasing, J.C. Mitchell Builders Ltd would be pleased to discuss your needs and offer a free quotation without obligation for your PRC Cornish unit repair.

We can provide references from satisfied customers but chances are we have worked on a PRC  Cornish Unit repair in your area so take a look for yourself.

Frequently Asked PRC Cornish Unit Repair Questions

Q. I have a  PRC Cornish Unit / PRC woolaway type property or am thinking of buying one. Will a mortgage company lend against it?
A. No, in their original state PRC Cornish Unit / PRC Woolaway houses and bungalows are not mortgagable. Once repaired we provide a PRC certificate which is accepted by the mortgage company as evidence the property is safe to lend against.  Please get in touch if you would like more information on the mortgage process for PRC Cornish Unit properties.
Q. What is a PRC certificate?
A. The PRC certificate is issued once the repairs have been completed and provides evidence to the mortgage company that the property has been fully repaired and is safe to lend against.
Q . I am thinking of buying my PRC Cornish Unit under the governments ‘Right to Buy scheme’. Are Cornish Unit’s eligible?
A. Yes, although you will need to have the property repaired if you wish to buy using a mortgage. Even with the cost of the repair most people still buy their home significantly below market value.  We would be happy to assist in this process.
Q. Can any Cornish Unit /  Woolaway property be repaired?
A. Yes, the defects and PRC repairs required to secure a mortgage on these properties are standard and we have experience repairing various styles of PRC properties across the South West.
Q. How much does a PRC repair cost?
A. The cost varies depending on the type and size of the PRC property. We offer free, no obligation quotes on request.
Q. How long does the PRC repair take?
A. This depends on the type and size of property but we aim to be completed within 4 – 6 weeks.
Q. I already live in a Cornish Unit. Can I stay in my house while the work is being undertaken?
A. Yes, while the PRC repair is a major undertaking, and some disruption is inevitable, it is possible to remain in your home while the work is done.
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